Saturday 6th February 2016

Latest Developments

Transport Paints are here at last!

1st February 2016

I'm sorry for the delay in sending out the new range of Transport Paints , but there were some issues with distribution which took longer to resolve than I had hoped.
The paints are now being decanted into jars and labelled, and will be sent out to customers this week and early next.
Thank you very much for your patience. I strive for quality in the products I make and supply, and good customer service, but sometimes thing go pear shaped (like this), for which I sincerely apologise.
Regards, Jim Grindlay

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We supply a complete range of 4mm Scale Modelling Requirements and a limited range of 7mm Decals. Click here for a complete list of the Product Lines available.

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Our recommended method of buying and payment is Online by Credit/Debit Card via the Secure Site which we use. This is the easiest and quickest way to obtain your Order.

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Loco Identity Packs

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More Illustrations to follow


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