Thursday 18th September 2014

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Until Friday evening you can purchase Modelmaster Railway & London Transport Decals and Modelmaster Etched nameplates for between 20% to 30% off current list price.
Just use the the Discount Code ROYALSCOT at checkout, and use the Royal Mail 'Signed For' option to pay. (Don't worry if you forget, we'll adjust your payment accordingly)
If you spend up to 60 on any of the above, you will automatically save 20% at checkout, but if you spend MORE than 60, then the discount increases to 30% - our highest ever! Any items which sell out will NOT be put on back order, and will be refunded to your account. Modelmaster Bus Decals are not included in this offer because of impending price adjustments (some are still at 1999 prices, so buy now and save some money!)

Our Products

We supply a complete range of 4mm Scale Modelling Requirements and a range of 2mm (N Gauge) Nameplates. Click here for a complete list of the Product Lines available.

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Our recommended method of buying and payment is Online by Credit/Debit Card via the Secure Site which we use. This is the easiest and quickest way to obtain your Order.

Some Product Illustrations are shown below:

Loco Identity Packs

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More Illustrations to follow


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