4mm Railway Decals

The MODELMASTER range of Waterslide Decals Screen Printing (for sharp, opaque print), with 21st Century Varnish technology - either our unique REMOVABLE COVER COAT, where you remove the varnish top coat after application, to give a ‘printed’ look to your models, or Crystafine™ Ultra-thin permanent cover coat, which is ideal for use on decals where a removable cover coat may be difficult to remove successfully because of difficult surfaces such as planking, rivets, etc,. or because of the decal’s small size or shape.

Whether the waterslide decals are finished with REMOVABLE or Crystafine™ varnish, many have overall rather than spot varnish; this has been done deliberately, because the varnishes were so thin that they spread outside of the spot varnish masks! We would recommend cutting round the shape of the decal before application whether spot varnished or not, as spot varnished decals (whether produced by us or other companies), may be slightly thicker round the edges because of capillary action during printing, thus causing a slight ‘lip’.

All of our decals are SCREEN PRINTED on the finest mesh screens it is possible to use, and will achieve a level of clarity and opacity which other methods such as litho printing or inkjet printers attached to home computers cannot hope to achieve. Our DECALS do not ‘Bleed’ or fade into the background colour of your models, and are of consistent quality and colour - time, after time, after time, after time.

That’s why we call them PROFESSIONAL decals!

Decals are available in the following categories :