N Gauge Etched Brass Nameplates

Produced for and Sold on Behalf of the N Gauge Society

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These plates are suitable for N Gauge and 2mm Scale modelling.

All Plates are Pre-Cut and include B.R. Smokebox Number if applicable.

The following points may prove helpful :-

We inspect all plates as they are packed, but sometimes there is a paint residue on the beading or letters. This can be removed with fine grade wet or dry paper while still attached to the card. Using a sharp pointed craft knife, carefully cut through the tags and clean up area with a flat needle file. Do not worry if there is any paint slightly rubbed from the backing plate, as this nearly always requires painting to the same basic colour of the loco. A good final polish can be obtained by gently, but firmly, rubbing the face of the plate over a piece of cartridge or drawing paper, taking care not to bend the plate. The plates can be carefully straightened if necessary, and varnished if you wish.